Complete Seller’s Permit Online For Cannabusiness

Visit the Board of Equalization web site and you will find out what registration types you will need in order to own and operate your business in California. The permits that you will need depends on the business activities included in your business. There are fifteen business activities listed on the web site and if you are selling goods in California, employing 10 or more people, and utilizing electrical energy services for your cannabusiness you will need to select these boxes on the web site. You will be prompted to answer employment questions regarding the hours worked in the calendar year. After you answer the questions regarding employment you will be prompted to register with the BOE. Based on the information that you provide when following the web site you will be prompted to complete the tax program- Sales and Use Taxes- Seller’s Permit. You will be directed to accept the declaration of intent declaring that you will provide accurate information to be used for tax purposes. You will be prompted to complete the seller’s permit online and it’s very easy to begin the process. You began by creating a secure Preparer User ID and password allowing me to log in and make changes in the future for tax purpose. You will also be prompted to provide ownership information, sales activities, and business information in order to complete the BOE form. If you choose to complete any permit online through the California web site and have any issues you can contact the Cal State Board directly 1-800-400-7115 (TTY:711).

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