Medical Marijuana Joins Recreational Sales In Oregon

Oregon citizens are on their way to being able to purchase recreational marijuana from retailers that also sell edibles and extracts thanks to Governor Kate Brown’s signature on March 24. The health authorities have requested that the state hold off from selling edibles along side the dried plant until there are established potency rules set in place but this is a big step for towards cannabis deregulation. It wasn’t until recently that Oregon adopted the wide spread sale of extracts and edibles and this was made possible by the implementation of the Senate Bill 1511 that directs Oregon Liquor Control Commission to legitimize qualified marijuana producers, wholesalers, and retailers and processes cannabis products including concentrates and cannabinoid extracts.

Retailers have been required to decide on choosing between medical and recreational registration and the majority of retailers have indicated that they will choose recreational registration and this has caused concern for medical patients who are fearing that the medical cannabis market will shrink considerably. The main difference between medical and recreational users is medical marijuana consumers are not subject to paying taxes on the product. There is yet to be established rules and regulations regarding edible doses but for now 5-milligram servings have been established until regulation is created.

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