2016 Legalize Cannabis In California

California is pushing towards legitimizing the recreational use of marijuana and 10 legalization initiatives are likely to appear on the Golden State’s November 2016 ballot. Cannabis reform is inevitably leading the way and we see the positive growth as legalization is increasing state income and the success of recreational practices in more states around our country will increase the likelihood that our politicians will continue in the direction towards change. On April 4th the ninth legalization proposal was issued through the attorney general for the Adult Use of Marijuana Act which is a legalization initiative sponsored by billionaire Sean Parker and other drug reform advocates. Reformers are delving into the proposed rules and policies and there will be a call for Californian’s to weigh in on the issue come November. There was an initial attempt in 2010 when Proposition 19 failed due to lack of support from advocates but Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska have paved the way and demonstrate that deregulation works and is very profitable for the community. California outsells the four states that sell recreational marijuana and the Golden State is medical-only.

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