UN Will Address Marijuana Legalization

The United Nations General Assembly initiated the War on Drugs in 1998 and created a list of rules and regulations in an attempt to eliminate illegal cocaine, opium and cannabis production. Eighteen years later and the initial reform is being questioned and activists are pushing the U.N. away from criminalization of such drugs and drawing upon policy to legalize and regulate the drug use. Professional firms around the country have been urging President Barack Obama to initiate the reform during the U.N. meeting that is set to take place in April in New York. It’s important to note how connected the United Nations initial drug policies have impacted the global drug reform: many countries have previously shielded away from seeking reform because of the possible implications that this could cause with regards to violating the treaty agreement.

There have been calls for new approaches to address the drug use and the proposed narcotic policies include needle exchange bills and enacting deregulatory drug policies. The direct impact of our states who have legalized adult marijuana use has urged other countries to stand up to the U.N. and this has caused neighboring counties to come together to rethink the way we should handle and implement drug policy. The goal of the U.N. and other organizations set up to regulate drug policy is to protect human rights and the meeting in New York will serve as a platform for a debate that will address the inevitable move towards deregulation and decriminalization of all drugs.

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