BRICS Nations Developing Marijuana Initiatives

Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are growing countries that are developing economically and socially and these countries have taken an interest in global affairs including narcotics policy. Russia, an influential member of BRICS, does not allow the use of cannabis and the Director of Federal Narcotics Service has announced that Russia will not budge in its criminalization efforts. Russia’s firm opposition and zero tolerance policy has aligned with the other supporting countries within the treaty and South Africa has agreed to abide by the strict policy enforced by the SA Narcotics Enforcement Bureau. South African marijuana activists scheduled a trial this March to address cannabis reform but it has been postponed to a later date. Activists have demonstrated that the strict policies will be proposed in court with hopes of gaining momentum as the global shift towards drug decriminalization gains momentum. The United Nations will set the bar with the debate for drug reform this April and the impact may help South African policy makers trying to deregulate illicit drug policy.

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