Oklahoma Lawsuit Against Cannabis Colorado Shot Down

Oklahoma and Nebraska filed a lawsuit against Colorado stating that the Centennial State is the cause of an increased crime rate due to the legalization of recreational marijuana use. The premise is that Colorado has caused citizens from neighboring states to commence in illegal activities that have put the members of law enforcement agencies in harms way and is very burdensome for members of Nebraska and Oklahoma communities. The Supreme Court shot down the attempt to file the lawsuit and according to a member of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws the taxpayers of Oklahoma are saving a lot of money due to the case’s failure.

Oklahoma and Nebraska claim that crime rates have risen due to the recreational sales of cannabis but the income stemming from the asset forfeiture laws have brought in mass amounts of untaxed revenue for the neighboring states and the states are bringing in more revenue as a result. The two states claim that Colorado is acting like a drug cartel and the argument is that Colorado’s exporting practices have allegedly reached 36 states in 2014 and has caused a lot of heartache for the United States’ legal system. Colorado rightfully countered the allegations that Nebraska and Oklahoma is getting in their way of business without legal explanation. The Supreme Court’s decision is very important for the cannabis industry and the verdict has signaled to states who have legalized marijuana have the right to sell and distribute cannabis freely within their jurisdiction taking into account that it is still considered a scheduled 1 drug and is highly illegal on the federal level.

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