New York Cannabis Industry

There has been a series of bills that would make propelling changes to New York’s medical cannabis program and there has been an evident push for accessible treatment options containing marijuana liquids, oils, pills, and plants. The bills that have been brought to the table by Senator Diane Savino and Richard Gottfried allow nurses and physician assistants to prescribe cannabis and there have been a list of acceptable conditions added to the checklist. The statutes would bring in revenue for New York and jobs would be created as the number of medical dispensaries would double from 20 to 40.

Hundreds of doctors in New York have participated in state-approved cannabis training and these doctors specialize in determining which patients should have access to cannabis prescriptions. The list of diseases and conditions that have been added to the bill include Alzheimer’s disease, brain trauma, PTSD, arthritis and lupis. Strict regulation will be applied to the production process and cannabis firms will meet directly with physicians, establishing doses of the product in order to comply with the requirements of state licensing. A big part of the proposed bills includes the out of state acceptance of medical-marijuana patients who have certified legal cards in other states. The bills will increase employment, help patients who suffer from debilitating conditions, and ease the pain for members of the community on a large scale.

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