Golden State Cannabis Cultivating Opportunities

In 2014 over 60% of Desert Hot Springs voters supported California’s right to cultivate cannabis. San Diego, Las Angeles, and other large neighboring cities have been experiencing new construction that is a part of the big transition towards legalized cultivating practices administered by state policy. Desert Hot Springs is building large structures in an attempt to maximize growing capacities so that they will be able to supply the growing demand for cannabis. The warehouses and structures that are currently being built are safe for growing thousands of pounds of cannabis per year; green houses are popping up in the area and Santa Ana in particular is being developed with multiple growing structures that are thousands of square feet in size.

Governor Jerry Brown took a big step when he signed for policy back in August that grants states the right to obtain commercial growers licenses and this has pushed California over the edge from an industry of shared cultivation practices towards a for-profit regulated cannabis industry. What will we see as a result of Governor Jerry Browns policies? We will see an increase of state revenue from cannabis taxes and also a steady increase in jobs for the community and the 9% unemployment rate of Desert Hot Springs in particular will benefit from the cultivation. The leases of these cultivation facilities are 10-year leases and the legality and inevitable market demand for the recreational use of cannabis will make investors consider entering into an exciting industry with extraordinary growth potential. Riverside is among the other counties in the Golden State that is getting ready for the commercial cultivation opportunities and the desert communities will inevitably profit from the surge of large, high production hubs.

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