Cannabis Policy And Election Primaries

March is a pivotal month as the election will focus the spotlight on the primaries and the delegates are looking for ways to gain the support of voters. Cannabis is a big topic for the candidates and especially in the states where marijuana is being addressed as a legitimized drug. The states in which candidates are caucusing are mostly cannabusiness friendly territories. Bernie Sanders is depicted as a progressive with his stand on marijuana and has a viewpoint unlike Hillary Clinton who would do very little for voters hoping for marijuana reform. Marco Rubio is against the state-level legalization efforts and admitted he would enforce federal laws if he was elected president. Pro-cannabis efforts could push the votes in the direction of the candidates who are more open to the idea of considering legalizing and regulating adult-use of cannabis. Although federal cannabis legalization is in the hands of Congress we could see a push for change on the federal level with a new administration that is pro cannabis. The states to look out for with this week’s primaries are Alaska, Colorado, Vermont, and Massachusetts because these states are important and progressive marijuana advocates and the people will be paying attention to the candidate’s views on pot policy.

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