Ohio’s Marijuana Policy Project

There are three campaigners pushing for cannabis reform this year in Columbus Ohio and the Marijuana Policy Project is planned to legalize medical marijuana. There are 23 states’ laws that are being utilized in order to draft the legislation that will adhere to the federal policy and also address the concerns and restrictions that pertain to the schedule 1 drug . The proposal is scheduled to see the ballot by November and the Marijuana Policy Project is pushing for people with medical disabilities to be able to apply for a medical ID card allowing users to buy, possess, and grow medical cannabis.

Ohio would benefit from the amendment offering new jobs for cultivators, processors, and dispensary administrators who would be responsible for distributing the final product. The businesses would be taxed by federal and state levels and the revenue would address the administrative costs and also provide a surplus of tax revenue for the state. Michael Revercomb, Lissa Satori, and John Pardee are leading the Marijuana Policy Project campaign and they are advocating licensing procedures that restrict potential monopolies from forming and also keep the prices lower than other states who are subject to higher government costs. People who want to help and support the campaign are asked to collect signatures between April and July in order to get the amendment on the ballot.

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