Legalization and Marijuana Investing

Businesses that are operating in legalized states will benefit from investors that are financing cannabis expansion efforts. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are leading the way with their innovative responses to strict federal and state policies. The fears that arise for states pushing for legalization that could potentially hinder lobbying efforts are the residency conditions enclosed in the cannabis legislation that limits foreign investment opportunities. Outside contributions are limited due to fear of illegal drug-funded cartel operations; the angst is lessening as the threat of entrants dissipates and uncertainty curtails.

Cannabis protection efforts against foreign contributions are not permanent and are put in place in order to protect pot cultivators and also to keep businesses from exposure to scheming investors. The current legislation limits business endeavors and the marijuana ownership requirements are keeping investors from contributing towards the day-to-day cannabis operations. There will be changes and the states understand rules but they are working towards transitioning and opening up the industry for investors like Warrant Buffett who could benefit the industry by increasing efficiency and security.

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