Delivery Service: The Solution to Federal Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis users want their product delivered to their door step. In the world of an expanding global marketplace powerhouses like Overstock, Amazon Prime, an eBay have revolutionized the industry by optimizing cost reduction and by increasing the overall customer experience. The federal government is cracking down on the cannabis industry whose cost of goods sold must be taxed at a whopping 40-90%. Retailers who want to make money and simultaneously optimize their usage of cost of goods sold must limit the costs by minimizing cannabis production and sales process. This would inescapably lower the overall cannabis costs and make it easier for firms to document their expenses.

The best answer and solution for decreasing cannabis costs is delivery. Cannabis delivery services will optimize the overall customer experience and increase marijuana sales. Eazeup Solutions, Flash Buds, and are respectable delivery services that offer a large cannabis menu with competitive prices and quick delivery methods. Delivery businesses like these make it easy for customers who can access cannabis products with a smart phone and a credit card. The app friendly web sites allow customers to browse the menu and explore the plethora of strains, edibles, and concentrates. Purchasers simply choose a payment method, input a delivery address, and provide special instructions based on specific needs. Lastly, the estimated time is provided and with lead times as short as 15 minutes! Marijuana delivery is the future for the cannabis industry and it will allow firms to shorten their list of expenses, attract federal banking institutions who will be willing to offer their financial services, and with transparent transaction practices that account for the cash flow will reduce potential trouble when the tax season arrives.

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