Obama’s Take on 2016 Marijuana Reform

In 2008 Obama was elected with high hopes for cannabis reformers who wanted to see the House pass legislation in order to legalize or at the very least lower the penalties for criminal offenders caught with cannabis. It’s 2016 and Obama is in his final year of presidency and there has been little no legitimate progressive action towards cannabis reform. Last Friday press secretary John Earnest stated that advances on cannabis reform would be made by Congress alone and Obama announced that Cannabis is at the bottom of the 2016’s agenda. The Federal government still considers marijuana a Schedule 1 controlled substance. According to drugs.com the characteristics of Schedule 1 drugs according to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency include: High potential for abuse, no acceptable treatment for medical illnesses in the United States, and safety issues when the drug is used without medical supervision. 84% of Americans do not agree with the Schedule 1 classification and want marijuana to be available for those seeking medical attention. This number will not go unheard for long and cannabis may not be legalized right away but it’s snow balling into a formable topic that the ensuing president will inevitably have to take into consideration passing legislation to loosen cannabis restrictions.

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