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ReformCA strives to bring about change in our cities where the war on drugs is failing miserably. The 1920s alcohol prohibition failed in North America as rum-running took over and organized crime seized control of alcohol distribution. The widespread consumption of booze empowered the United States government to decriminalize and regulate the use of liquor. Instead of tipping the California's legalization ice berg we are melting it fast! Prohibition against adults who use marijuana did not work and when cannabis is legalized governing policy and regulation will shortly follow.

Reformation will cut out illegal activity and with strict policies our law enforcement will be able to focus on actual criminals. Along with the jobs that will pour into the Golden State there will be millions of dollars in sales revenue. If you are in the cannabis industry or if you are thinking about entering into the cannabis industry you need to have a solid understanding of the administrative services that will allow you to effectively run your business. Cannabis Tax and Accounting Services specializes in tax preparation and tax advice, bookkeeping and accounting, payroll and transactional legal. Cannabis Tax and Accounting Services has been established for 10 years and has a full staff that is eager to support your cannabis-related financial needs.

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