Wood vs Marijuana Bans in California

Marijuana Bans in California

200 deliveries and growing locations across the state of California are facing marijuana bans as a result of a drafting error by the California’s Assemblyman Jim Wood who crafted the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, or MMRSA. Wood mistakenly opened up the door for local governments to claim licensing authority over medical marijuana cultivation applicants but his intention was to simply allow the Department of Food and Agriculture to temporarily regulate marijuana activities in cities that fail to comply with the terms of the MMRSA by the March 1st deadline. Any bans placed on marijuana are only temporary and Wood assured the public that the cities who are effected by the bans will obtain local control once the law is passed. Its undeniable that any act against the legalizing effort will hinder citizens from access to therapeutic care and the potential tax revenue lost will open the door to illicit activity.

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